Our Gang in Sarasota, FL
March 2, 2008

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Linda Davis
(photographer & organizer)

The 2nd annual west coast Florida “Our Gang” gathering was held on Sunday, March 2.  Our grins speak for themselves!  Next year we’ll add more attendees to the Sarasota mix.  With that said….the invite is there.  Come on down or if you’re already here plan on enjoying more Hoffman camaraderie.  Everyone brought eats or drinks to pass and after 4 hours the last retiree headed home.

The smiling faces included Dennis and Kathy Ferguson, Rich and Cathy Fitch, Roy and Darlene Hahnfeld, Donna Moder, Terry and Sandy Powroznyk, Randy and Ruth Stennett, Angelo and Victoria Testone, Kathy Werderitch, Jill Wood-Naatz and Jim Naatz, and yours truly the Florida hostess….Linda Davis

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