"Our Gang" Breakfast  
Apple Villa II in Hoffman Estates
September 27, 2006

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On September 27, 2006 “Our Gang” breakfast at Apple Villa Restaurant in Hoffman Estates
was attended by 27 extremely happy and energetic retirees.

The following were present:
Gary Anderson, Linda Bailey, Gary Barker, Peg Bayles, Carolyn Bentcover, Linda Davis,
Sandy Dowty, Kim Fischer, Bill Gourley, Ron Halpern, Darlene Hahnfeld, Frank Hill, Bob Lyons,
Jim Maloblocki, Bill Myers, Jan Page, Bonnie Parken, Rob Richards, Jackie Roth,
Paula Schofield, Pam Skinner, JoAnne Sorensen, George Stewart, Chris Starzynski,
Randy Stennett, Ruth Stennett, and Cassie Van Duys,

The next breakfast will be early in 2007.

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