The "Our Gang" at Egg Bistro
June 21, 2005

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We met on June 21, had a great time, shared stories over breakfast at Egg Bistro on Higgins Road and said we would do it again in October.
The attendees included: Dave Alex, Jeanne Arcus, Linda Bailey, Gary Barker, Carolyn Bentcover, Nelson Cleary, Dave Corkins, Linda Davis, Sandy Dowty,
Kim Fischer, Rich Fitch, Doris Haack, Ron Helberg, Bill Myers, Karen Niwa, Larry Niwa, Jan Page, Paula Schofield, Marty Sheil, Randy Stennett,
George Stewart, Cassie VanDuys, Dick VanDuys (non retiree), Will Vrba, and Jill Wood-Naatz.
My apologies for not having a front photo of Karen Niwa... next time. ..
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-- Linda Davis (photographer & organizer)

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