The "Our Gang" at Maxfield's
February 1, 2005

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And so we met share stories with each other and enjoy a breakfast. Maxfields Restaurant in Schaumburg hosted 28 of "Our Gang" on Tuesday, February 1. Those attending missed those who did not attend. Here's the roster in alpha order and not by any other order! Jeanne Arcus, Gary Anderson, Linda Bailey, Gary Barker, Carolyn Bentcover, Linda Davis, Julie DeLoncker, Gen Dunlop, Angie Ferguson, Kim Fischer, Rich Fitch, Dave Fredin, Doris Haack, Bob Lyons, Nancy Lyons, Marcia Nelson, Jan Page, Jan Pawlisch, Joel Perlson, Jackie Roth, Frank Sesko, Chris Starzynski, Randy Stennett, George Stewart, Ang Testone, Cassie Van Duys, Kathy Werderitch and Jill Wood-Naatz.

The next official breakfast will most likely be in June shortly after the next huge group of retirees join our ranks. The soon to retiree Hawks will be roasted at their own special night on Thursday, April 28, at the Seville in Streamwood. Official details forthcoming from HEHS.

All retirees are welcome to join in the next event. Notification will be via email or snail mail.

-- Linda Davis (photographer & organizer)

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