The "Our Gang" at Rosati's
January 7, 2004

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Everyone enjoyed the camaraderie at a Rosati'e buffet lunch. The next one is planned for mid-April.
In attendance were:
Bob Lyons, Frank Sesko, Doris Haack, Gary Barker, Nancy and John Walgren, Jill Wood-Naatz, Cassie VanDuys,
Tom Hillesheim, Dan Yokas (not pictured), Jerry Carnes, Linda Bailey, Carolyn Bentcover, Jan Page, Jackie Roth,
Kim Fischer, Gen Dunlop, Randy Stennett, Jim Maloblocki, Erik Patterson, Rich Fitch, Julie DeLoncker,
Donna Korda, Dennis Ferguson, Pat Bethel, and Linda Davis (the photographer).

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