2nd HEHS Retiree Breakfast
October 8, 2003

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Attendance: Jackie Roth, Julie DeLoncker, Jay Fox, Angie Ferguson, Dave Alex, Sandy Dowty,
Paula Schofield, Kim Fischer, Bob Lyons, Wil Vrba, Rich Fitch, Doris Haack, Jean Prasczewicz,
Gen Dunlop, Tom Hillesheim, Dave Fredin, Chris Starzynski, Darlene Hahnfeld, Pat Bethel,
Jan Pawlisch, Jan Page, Frank Sesko, Ron Halpern, Linda Bailey, Phyllis Bird, Jeanne Arcus,
Cassie VanDuys, Bill Gourley, Jill Wood-Naatz, Gary Barker (not pictured) and Linda Davis (photographer).
"Ok... here's "Our Gang" meeting for the 2nd time for breakfast together, One teriffic comment "it was nice to get together here instead of the auditorium"... Two attendees to be unnamed were given tardies...30 were accounted for. A toast was made for the newbies from the class of 2003. We're looking forward to adding more newbies. A good time was had by all. We can't wait to do it again in January. Apologies for anyone who isn't named in the pictures... blame it on the lighting in the back room at the Santé Restaurant. -- Linda Davis

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